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Below are seventy-eight books I edited and then were published by talented writers for whom it’s been my pleasure to work. Four volumes are collections of short stories copyedited under supervision of a publishing house. Two other anthologies each contain a short story edited by yours truly.

I’m proud of my small part in the creation of each work of fiction. Every virtual cover displayed below has a counterpart in print occupying trophy shelves in my office, much treasured and often read.

An additional 180 books I’ve edited or am currently editing are awaiting publication or working toward it.

1 -Lichgates - Thumbnail  2 - Treason - Thumbnail  3 - Heritage - Thumbnail  4 - Illusion - Thumbnail  Four Horses Dead Ringer

3504995  Ford 1  Ford 2  Ford 3  15776322

16181879  17569194  17737424  Tainted Christie (100x100) DoD Brown 2 (100x100)

Tangled Roots (100x100) (68x99)  Powerless  Blood beyond darkness borrowed guns  DoL 1 (67x100)

SoRS2 (100x100) No Place Amber Project AFFS  Dealing with Blue

T echoes   Unconventional love  Origin Angels   My Ladybird 2  Ameerah

ATSG Book 2  City in Embers   Ground Zero    1 Want   2 Tool

3 Tree 4 Fall   Ari   Mr. Nobody  








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