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Below are sixty-two books published by talented writers for whom I’ve edited. Four volumes are collections of short stories copyedited under supervision of a publishing house. One other anthology is freelance.

I’m proud of my small part in the creation of each novel and short-story. Every virtual cover displayed below has a counterpart in print occupying my office trophy shelves, much treasured and often read.

Conservatively, another 140 to 150 books I have edited or am currently editing are awaiting publication or working toward it.

1 -Lichgates - Thumbnail  2 - Treason - Thumbnail  3 - Heritage - Thumbnail  4 - Illusion - Thumbnail  Four Horses Dead Ringer  3504995

Ford 1  Ford 2  Ford 3  15776322  16181879  17569194

17737424  Tainted Christie (100x100)  DoD Brown 2 (100x100)  Tangled Roots (100x100) (68x99)  Powerless  Blood beyond darkness

borrowed guns  DoL 1 (67x100) SoRS2 (100x100) No Place Amber Project AFFS

Dealing with Blue   T echoes   Unconventional love  Origin Angels   My Ladybird 2  Ameerah

ATSG Book 2  City in Embers   Ground Zero    1 Want   2 Tool   3 Tree

4 Fall   Ari   Mr. Nobody      





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