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Fantasy & Paranormal Novelist S. M. Boyce

Author S. M. Boyce

“Chase is fantastic. His work on my Grimoire Saga has been incredible, and I have absolute faith in his ability. I had a pretty tough audition process for my next editor, and Chase came out on top of a lot of talented wordsmiths. I recommend him to anyone who’s looking for a detailed editor who is both professional and affordable.”

~S. M. Boyce, author of the Grimoire Saga


Adventure Thriller Novelists Jeffrey A Pitts

“Finding Chase Nottingham was a stroke of luck. Nothing I can say is too over-the-top in praise of his work. Worth every penny, Chase is a fellow hunter, hiker, shooter, and firearms enthusiast, and as a veteran, he assists with details and dialog for many of my characters who are also ex-service members.

The editing process was a mystery to me until he walked me through it while so far polishing twelve novels for me. If you’re in need of a patient, witty, and thorough editor, Chase is without doubt your man. In our time working together, he has become a true friend.”

~Jeffrey A Pitts, author of Mountain Cruelty, Consequences, Of Promises Kept, Hitwoman, Don’t Run, Husband of a Hitwoman, Declan, Sanctioned Hitwoman, Finneus, Asher, and Tucker Lee Walker


Western Novelist J.D. McCall

“For this writer, one of the best helps I had was Chase as my editor. His sharp eye, outstanding command of grammar, and understanding of literary style allowed me to polish my writing to the point it was marketable. I honestly don’t believe I John McCallwould have found a publisher had it not been for his editing skills and invaluable suggestions. Not only is he great with editing, he’s knowledgeable about a wide variety of genres and subject matter. For instance, if you feature guns in your book, he’s your go-to guy. More than once he’s kept me from making a major mistake regarding specific content within my novels. I highly recommend Chase to anyone aspiring to produce a professional writing product.”


~J.D. McCall, author of Four Horses, Dead Ringer, South of Rising Sun, and Last Stage to Dodge


Supernatural Romance Novelist Christie Rich

“An independent author, I take pride in the quality of my product. I’ve looked for years for an editor who could help me understand rules while fixing my gaffes. Who I searched for is Chase. He not only finds errors, he explains why and suggests how to Christie Richfix them. My understanding has improved greatly through the editing process, and I’m so grateful to have him to look over my work. His background knowledge surpasses other editors I’ve worked with. As a female writing from a male’s point of view, I appreciate his insights, the times he told me I’m on target for at least one male perspective, and when I might tweak it. He also helps with fight scenes, arms, and ammunition. Chase is fantastic to work with, too. He answers every question with quick, precise responses. If you’re looking for a professional editor with experience and a great work ethic, Chase is your guy. He’s down to earth and extremely detailed. Did I mention he’s also affordable? I couldn’t be happier with my experience, and I look forward to many years working with Chase.”

~Christie Rich, author of Elemental Enmity and Netherworld series, Origin Angels, Reverie, and The Shadow and the Blade


Detective Thriller Novelists Tom Fowler

“Editing: Chase Nottingham. This book* is at least 46% more readable because of his suggested fixes.”

* Now nineteen books and several shorts

~Tom Fowler, author of Hong Cong Dangerous, The Reluctant Detective, The Confessional, The Unknown Devil, Land of the Brave, The Workers of Iniquity, Red City Blues, Already Guilty, Daughters and Sons, A March from Innocence, Inside Cut, The Next Girl, In the Blood, Midnight Drive, The Mechanic, White Lines, Right as Rain, Dead Cat Bounce, and Four on the Floor   


Fantasy Novelist Stacey Marie Brown

“I adore this man! I am an independent author and take pride in the quality of my product. Chase’s edit notes are fundamental to me, as his insights have made me a better writer.Stacey 1 With an amazing command of grammar and knowledge about a variety of subjects, writing styles, and genres, he not only finds errors, he explains them and recommends fixes. I have learned a great deal from him about editing and what works best with my characters. His suggestions are helpful and made in a kind, and many times funny, manner. His turnaround times are quick, and he always tries to work with what’s best for the writer. I recommend him to anyone looking for a professional editor with experience, a great work ethic, and affordable prices. He’s down to earth, friendly, and extremely detailed. I am extremely happy with my editing experience, and I look forward to working with Chase for many years.”

~Stacy Marie Brown, Author of Darkness Series


Thriller & Y/A Novelist Nicole Wolverton

NicoleWolverton“I could not finish a novel without Chase. Well, I could, but no one would want to read it. Chase is really great at finding my weaknesses as a writer and making me aware of them in a kind and constructive manner. The benefit is that while he’s helping to make a manuscript more readable, he’s also helping to make me a better writer in general. He’s also the repository of a great deal of firearms and military knowledge, which makes him a great adviser if you’re writing thrillers or mysteries. He’s a thorough editor, from line edits to mega  edits.”

~Nicole Wolverton, author of The Trajectory of Dreams


Tween & Teen Paranormal Novelist Samantha Marks, Psy.D.

“Chase is an honest and straightforward editor whom I highly recommend, not only from my point of view as an author, but as a clinical psychologist, as well. We butted heads in the beginning over how long it might take to SAVAGE, MD -- 4/2/15 -- Author Portraits of Samantha Marks.…by André Chung #_AC12082

edit my manuscript, but I appreciated him not wanting to promise what he couldn’t guarantee to deliver and then professionally resolving the matter. It is rare to meet someone so genuine and ethical. In the end, Chase finished ahead of schedule, and his attention to detail was impressive. Beyond just the line edits, he made content suggestions from his vast knowledge of a variety of subjects that greatly improved the quality of my work. I already have him lined up to edit my next book.”

      ~Dr. Samantha Marks, author of A Fatal Family Secret, A Treacherous Social Game, and A Perilous Blood Oath  


High-tech Sci-Fi Novelist Clyde deSousa

clyde“Chase was a pleasure to work with. The time he put into Memories with Maya proved to me how an editor who offers advice and guidance is a rare find in today’s commercial assembly-line book industry.

“As I mentioned on the novel’s acknowledgment page: ‘I stand guilty of not implementing all his sage advice.’ I will not hesitate in recommending Chase. I certainly hope he accepts to edit the sequel.”

~Clyde deSousa, author of Memories with Maya


Fantasy Novelist Rebekkah Ford

“Chase is an awesome editor. The best. Yes, he has the academic credentials to go the extra mile with your manuscript. He not only line edits, letting  you know what works from characterization to style or what might work better. HeRebekkah Ford proofreads as well.

“Chase was and remains a lifelong English teacher, and I love how much I’ve learned since I hired him as my editor. His fees are affordable, and  he’s professional, reliable, and honest. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a fantastic editor. You won’t be disappointed.”

~Rebekkah Ford, author of the Beyond the Eyes trilogy, Tangled Roots, Ameerah, and Legends of Deceit


Romance Anthology PublisherGMP new logo

Megan Hansen Two“Chase is a detailed, patient, professional editor. Good Mourning Media is beyond pleased with the work he’s done for us. He tackles each project we present to him with enthusiasm, and he always get his work back in a timely manner. Chase has edited four  volumes of anthologies for GMM: Shifting Hearts (2013); Powerless against You (2014); No Place for Us (2015); and Unconventional Love (2016). We plan on employing his talents far into the future!”

~Megan Hansen, Good Mourning Media Editor-in-Chief

Science Fiction/Social Novelist Magus Tor

“I am so glad I found Chase. His help in editing my novels is more than Mangus Torincredible. He is very professional and takes pains in researching the accuracy of passages I wrote in my sci-fi series to make sure they are possible. I certainly recommend his service to my friends and fellow writers.”

~Magus Tor, author of My Ladybird Story, Ground Zero, Want, Tool, Tree, Fall, and Mr. Nobody


Mystery Romance Novelist Niki Benton Smith

“Storytelling is an art; however, putting it in black and white can prove a challenge.  If you need help turning your story into an agent-ready manuscript, Chase is your guy! His years of experieNikince teaching and editing, factual knowledge of numerous subjects, and his knack for spotting the smallest grammatical errors works wonders. He does not tell you; he teaches you to identify the next mistake and why it’s best for the scene to correct it or leave it be. Our chapter-by-chapter editing progressed at my own speed, while I never paid a penny until okay with my edits-to-date. I learned so very much at a relaxed pace. Whether a new writer requires lots of help or an old hand wants a bit more polish before putting a manuscript out there, Chase is your one-stop shop!”

~Niki Benton Smith, RN, author of Nightingale, The Last Dance, Secrets, and Smells Like Rain


Historical Novelist Karl G. Rich

“There is a common saying, ‘You never forget your first.’ Well, Chase was my first…editor. Sorry to get dramatic, but as writers, we are all cognizant of Karl G Richhaving a stranger read our first renditions. How gut wrenching is it to hit the send button? In this case, it was one of the best things I could have done. Chase not only improved my current novel but all future works I’m inspired to write. My biggest hope and prayer is that I can retain the majority of his lessons in grammar and tighter wordsmithing. Only time and another manuscript will tell. I’ll be back.”

~Karl G. Rich, author of The Mad King of Beaver Island


Western Scriptwriter G.G. Rebimik

Fade into studio panel discussion of script editors.

Moderator: Okay, we have Chase under our microscope today. First up is G.G. Rebimik, creator of Kane Monroe. Tell us your thoughts, GG.
G. G. Rebimik: Chase! What can I say? He’s a cool dude who knows his trade and had me confident from the first page of insightful edits.
Moderator: So he dazzled you with credentials and editor mumbo-jumbo?
G. G. Rebimik: Not so much. Right away, he let me know in plain words he “got” my script and gave examples how he could help me take it to that bright and shining place called The End.
Moderator: What made you think you even needed an editor?
G. G. Rebimik: Having slept through most of my English classes, I had numerous questions. Chase answered each one in a clear, concise way. I was never made to feel odd or reluctant to ask.
Moderator: So there we have it from a professional scriptwriter. Win-win at Chase Editing.
Fadeout to black.
~G.G. Rebimik, creator of Kane Monroe

Superhero Chronicler Oliver Crown

“Chase Editing is the finest service I have ever used. I provided enthusiasm oliver and willingness to write; he responded with quick and thorough turnarounds chapter by chapter, including explanations for each suggestion. His comments were fun and helpful. My manuscript was transformed into a finished story light years ahead of what I had before I worked with Chase.”

~Oliver Crown, author of Bleeding of the Heart


Children’s Fantasy Novelist Laurie Woodward

If you are seeking an excellent editor for your novel, Chase Nottingham is your man. His keen eye to identify and suggest alternatives for mechanical errors is par none. So far, he’s edited both my bestselling Artania, The Pharaoh’s Cry and its sequel, Artania II, The Kidnapped Smile, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I loved the way he submitted a few chapters at a time, willingly making any changes I deemed appropriate. Then, when the novel was complete, he kept the work window open until he had my final approval. I’d be thrilled to have Chase edit all of my books. I highly recommend his services.”

~Laurie Woodward, author of Artania and Artania II


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